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Auto Accidents  *  Work Injuries  *  Sports Injuries

Do you suffer from Pain?

Leg Pain ~ Arm Pain ~ Hip Pain ~ Neck Pain ~ Headaches ~ Whiplash ~ Lower Back Pain ~ Bulging Disc

Tieperman Chiropractic offers Relief in a number of ways:

We start by Finding & Fixing Your Problem ~ We use Extremely Gentle Treatment &Relaxing Therapy administered by a Wonderful Staff and a Caring Doctor

We make it as easy as possible for you to get the fast and effective pain relief you need:

Same Day Appointments ~ Insurance Filed for You ~ HMO/PPO Provider ~ Blue Cross Provider ~ CIGNA*AETNA*TML ~ UNITED HEALTH CARE ~ CERTIFIED WHIPLASH SPECIALIST ~ In Most Cases There is No Cost For Automobile Injuries

 Couple walking on the beachThe right touch can make a difference in your recovery.

At Tieperman Chiropractic, we approach your pain with a gentle touch. This is because we know that when you hurt, you want reassurance that the doctor will do everything possible to relieve the pain.  Our director and chiropractor, Robert Tieperman, DC, uses several light-force adjustments techniques to gently relieve pain. The result is a patient who is more relaxed, comfortable and confident in our care – and one who gets out of pain more quickly.